• Annexed Territories

    Using dramatic simulations and actual footage, more than a century old, this program re-creates the 1898 conflict that made the United States a world power. The Spanish-American War brought the United States an easy victory, several overseas possessions, ...

  • The Carbon Cycle

    The Carbon cycle is driven by life itself since carbon is found in all living things as well as fossil fuels such as coal, which releases carbon dioxide, CO2, a potent greenhouse gas creating the greenhouse effect.

  • John Adams: Patriot

    Washington's two successors were of almost opposite temperaments, yet the office's constitutional authority allowed them to handle the crises of their times and still transfer power peacefully. The rise of political parties, the XYZ Affair, Marbury v. Mad ...

  • American Ideals

    As America grew out of the independent thinking of its early colonists and citizens, it required a new kind of leader who respected the human rights specified in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This program shows how America?s early ...

  • The Fish Market

    Raphaël is 12 and lives in Brittany on the north-western Atlantic coast of France. Crêpes and seafood are the local specialties, and since it is Easter, Raphaël decides to make a shellfish meal for the whole family. He catches and prepares the complete ...

  • Fez: Carpets & Leather

    Morocco has long been a bridge across European, North African, and Arabic cultures. Some of these historic traditions can still be seen in old marketplaces, striking mosques, welcoming oases, urban water vendors, and desert camel herders. Viewers will exp ...

  • Lamar Valley Wolf Clan

    The Druid clan, so-named by scientific researchers, had been one of the largest and most powerful packs ever studied. When their dominant alpha leaders are killed, their reign over Yellowstone National Park?s spectacular Lamar Valley comes to a sudden end ...

  • 1709 - Quakers Erect a Meeting House in Boston

    The Quakers and William Penn established Pennsylvania colony an important part of founding America.

  • Enviro-tips, Garbage

    Segment presents ideas that individuals can do to help clean up garbage.

  • Warriors of the First Emperor

    China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet is also has many ancient traditions. In Beijing, where the blending of ancient and modern originates, China still rules from this political center despite its decentralizing economic changes. Viewers also ...

  • Road to Recovery

    Labor unrest and the Red Scare plagued the nation after World War I. By the end of the war, many Americans were yearning for the "good old days." They were tired of listening to President Woodrow Wilson's insistence on solving the ills of the entire glob ...

  • The Tanker War

    Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 to establish control over the oil trade and vast oil reserves in Kurdish areas of northern Iraq. Although the Iraqi Army was well supplied with armaments and personnel, Saddam Hussein?s instructions to attack on seven fronts ulti ...

  • Independence Day

    What do Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Presidents? Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Thanksgiving mean to Americans? This program will help children understand the significance of these holidays, even those that do not occur durin ...

  • 1951 - Salinger and Plath Set the Stage for the Baby Boomer Generation

    J.D. Salinger wrote "The Catcher in the Rye" and "Franny and Zooey" while Sylvia Plath wrote The Bell Jar, making Salinger a great novelist and Plath a great poet, and establishing Holden Caulfield as a great character of literature while Plath's poetr

  • Dahl Explains Evil Characters

    A man with big ears whom Roald Dahl knew inspired The BFG, and viewers will meet him in this program. This program explores how extreme characters create vivid impressions and metaphors and similes bring liveliness to reading and writing.

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