• Map: Rotorua Volcanoes

    One of the most beautiful countries in the world, this two-island nation varies from Alpine landscapes in the South to breathtaking coasts in the North. The British heritage of the settlers is very much in evidence, as is the native Maori culture, intermi ...

  • 1619-1621 Blacks Arrive at Jamestown

    Anthony Johnson, who had arrived at Jamestown, one of the English Colonies in Virginia, became a free Black.

  • Song, Plant A Tree

    Song features names of various trees and why we should plant trees.

  • Better Pots

    After exploring the properties of clay, the program shows a potter working with it, then how multiple pieces can be manufactured with molds. Following that, the many uses of clay are examined, and then we see children making their own clay creations.

  • Back to Work

    Contrasting Roosevelt?s handicap and his famous speeches against the fear that came with the crises of the Great Depression and World War II, this program shows how this great president's character, and that of his wife, Eleanor, affected his era, and how ...

  • Map: Barbarian Migrations

    As Rome began its decline, several attempts were made to preserve it. War, persecution, and dividing the empire were all tried, to no avail. The aging empire had grown too large, and in AD 476, the last Roman emperor stepped down.

  • Lacrosse - Past

    When autumn work was done, the Ojibwe of the past played games like lacrosse, the oldest North American sport, invented by the Ojibwe.

  • Roman Life Reborn

    Relive Mount Vesuvius' volcanic eruption, its devastation on the people and town of Pompeii, and its later excavation. Computer-animated reconstructions make it possible to walk streets lined with re-created shops, pubs, and baths and to experience how pe ...

  • Lesson: Packing

    The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is often strong and cherished. Parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing naturally want to encourage that bond in their own family. This videotape offers many practical suggestions for building s ...

  • Welding Water Pipes

    A sculptor working in ice demonstrates three states of matter: gas, liquid and solid. A class of children also learns by measuring the exact temperature of that change. We also see this change in a steel mill, in plumbing solder, and in a dropped popsicle ...

  • Second Punic War

    This program chronicles the expansion brought about by the awesome military power of the ancient Romans between the fifth century BC and the second century AD. Viewers witness the expansion of Rome as it extended from central Italy to beyond the entire Me ...

  • Famous Teachers

    A second-grade teacher explains that she loves observing how her students change over the course of the year. Her students relate why they love her and how she helps them learn. References to one-room schools, the history of public education in America, a ...

  • A Day in the Life of a Doctor Part 3

    Segment concludes the visit with Dr. Comrie as she sees patients in her office.

  • 2001 - Nine/Eleven

    The 9/11 attack by Osama bin Laden's Islamic extremist terrorists group, al Qaeda, against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, led to American President George W. Bush calling for and getting tougher tough security standards, including the TSA, the T

  • Pop-Up Books

    Viewers see how manufacturers and engineers use origami and kirigami patterns, illustrating how math is used in creative, artistic, and practical ways. Concepts such as polygons, symmetry, and tessellation are identified and demonstrated visually.

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