• Jewish Quarter

    A colorful overview of the diversity of Spain's history emerges by visiting its most important regions and cities. Starting with Madrid, as the geographical and cultural center, viewers will experience Avila and other cities in the north, revealing Spain' ...

  • 1688 - 1796 Newton to Nebular Theory of the Solar System

    Newton wrote the Principia, introduced the laws of motion, including the first law of motion and the second law of motion, which included the concepts of the law of inertia, velocity and force, and used calculus co-invented by Wilhelm Leibnitz to lay the

  • Putting a Face on Evil

    Photojournalists, rescue workers, and eyewitnesses share their personal experiences of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. They recall their deep shock and the numbing sense that there was more to come. Enormous clouds of d ...

  • Sir Francis Drake

    Izzy takes a few minutes to tape-record an entry for her diary. She talks about the Timucua and how they worked with the Spanish. Duncan talks about how the battle ended with the burning of the settlement by Sir Francis Drake's men.

  • 1855 - Francisco Ramirez Founds the First Spanish Language Newspaper in Los Angeles

    Francisco Ramirez started the first Spanish Language Newspaper, El Clamor Publico, in Los Angeles.

  • Valley Forge

    This program introduces viewers to the background and major events of this crucial period in American history. It emphasizes the importance of George Washington's leadership in ensuring the Colonial Army?s victory in the Revolutionary War after the hardsh ...

  • Gift of the 12th Fairy

    When the king and the queen had a little baby girl, they didn?t invite one of the fairies to the christening party. Maybe the invitation got lost in the mail? The fairy was furious. She cursed the princess, saying she would prick herself on a needle and d ...

  • Battle of Antietam

    Beginning with Shiloh and ending with Antietam, this program shows that 1862 was the worst year of the war. Massive numbers of men were killed and wounded, and Lee seemed to be on the verge of victory, when Lincoln changed the war with the Emancipation Pr ...

  • Rap: Weaving

    Basket makers, boat builders, and jewelry crafters all weave in their work, demonstrating how mathematical patterns are found in unlikely places. Weaving codes and the designs they produce are visually illustrated.

  • Roman Slave Trade

    Population growth, the rise of slavery, barriers to further geographic expansion, and economic crises all began to slowly erode the foundation of the Roman Empire by the first century AD. Slave revolts and barbarian invasions into Roman territory marked t ...

  • Practice Spanish: Words for Sports

    Perro Pepe reviews the Spanish words for various sports.

  • Circus Maximus

    See magnificent Rome as it was 2,000 years ago. Experience the Colosseum as it appeared to the Roman Empire. Computer-animated reconstructions make it possible to witness first-hand the people of the ancient civilization spreading their culture from Engla ...

  • Deere Reason

    An engineering firm talks about how they use logical reasoning to help companies find out what is wrong with their products.

  • Jacob van Ruisdael

    This landscape artist's work is introduced with Vincent Price's favorite painting, a somber and moody graveyard, its atmosphere threatening and dark. Some of his other landscapes are also featured.

  • Summer at the Riverbank

    Every environment is affected by seasonal change. Urban gardens undergo seasonal changes which follow a cycle of increasing and decreasing temperature, lengthening and shortening days, and natural activity and apparent dormancy. Rural rivers and their ani ...

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