• Internet Gossip

    With technology comes great freedom, but also great responsibility. Within seconds of logging on to a computer, children may be exposed to graphic language, hurtful gossip, pornography, and predators. "Smart parents understand that if you live near water, ...

  • Cotswolds & Shakespeare

    The modern and historic features of its world-class city, London, set the tone for an introduction to the small but important island nation of England. The southwest coastal fishing villages of Cornwall and Devon are contrasted with many regions to the no ...

  • A Good Job

    Shirley and Bobby use their new-found understanding of "area = length times width" to measure an even bigger lawn before Buddy Biggs is able to, and are given the job to mow the lawn.

  • 1966 - Truman Capote Writes In Cold Blood

    Truman Capote, who wrote "In Cold Blood", "Other Voices, Other Rooms", and "Breakfast at Tiffany's", was an American novelist.

  • Fairy Godmother

    Cinderella's father is always away on business trips. Her stepmother and stepsisters treat her badly?they don?t even let her watch TV. After the postman delivers an invitation to an elegant ball at the royal palace, Cinderella?s life is changed forever.

  • Letter: Franklin to Son

    Ben Franklin's ideas and actions seem to be the essence of the American character. Using many of the sites and artifacts associated with him in his adopted city of Philadelphia, this summary of his seemingly infinite pursuits will help young viewers under ...

  • Drawing Faces

    This lesson helps students understand how to successfully draw a human face. Brent begins by showing students how to draw a basic egg shape and then sketch in guidelines that divide the shape into sections for the placement of facial features. He provides ...

  • Eubranchiopods

    Phylum Arthropoda is the most luxuriant branch on the tree of life. This program covers phylum characteristic and three major arthropod classes: Crustaceans (copepods, waterfleas, branchiopods, decapods, and barnacles), Chelicerates (scorpions, pseudos ...

  • Energy from Coal

    The source of all Earth?s energy is the Sun. Kids transfer energy to moving toys when they play with them. Many toys store energy in springs, elastic bands, and batteries. Energy is transferred into movement and also into heat, light, and sound. Children ...

  • Early Beliefs about Heredity

    This clip explains that when people started breeding animals, they learned more about heredity. Farmers and shepherds started making observations and learned how to cross-breed animals with the most desirable traits. Many years later Linnaeus classified ...

  • Rat

    This segment uses the Norway Rat to explain how animals use whiskers for navigation, examines the structure of its teeth, and demonstrates the use of lab rats inn research.

  • The Caste System

    India is one of the most diverse nations on earth, in terms of language, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and landscapes. It seems to represent so much of what Asia means to the rest of the world. It birthed Hinduism and Buddhism and there are remnants of I ...

  • Affair with Nancy M'Lehose

    Robert Burns' verses are known in almost every language on earth. His love poems rank as some of the finest ever written and his egalitarian ideals were in advance of his time. His personal life is a story of failure and successive disasters, but out of ...

  • 1863 - Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address

    During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln gave his immortal Gettysburg Address.

  • Cyclops Mission: Planaria (flatworms) and Hydra

    While engrossed in observing the food capturing and feeding methods used by Planaria, a flatworm, the tentacles of Hydra trap the Cyclops crew where they receive a hands-on lesson in the process of digestion.

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