• Bee Fly

    Flies and cicada are featured in this program. Baby flies struggle to hatch from their cocoons and different flies are shown eating pollen and nectar. One unfortunate fly is caught in a spider's web. Cicada larvae live underground for several years. Once ...

  • Who Wrote the Scrolls?

    Scrolls found in caves near the Dead Sea turned out to be one of the greatest finds in archaeology; they are older than any existing Bible manuscripts, but corroborate and elaborate upon certain passages and events. Some of the clues and mysteries the scr ...

  • Summary

    Phylum Arthropoda is the most luxuriant branch on the tree of life. This program covers phylum characteristic and three major arthropod classes: Crustaceans (copepods, waterfleas, branchiopods, decapods, and barnacles), Chelicerates (scorpions, pseudos ...

  • Coral Reef Ecology

    This colorful program shows the hunting habits and defenses of tuna, hammerhead sharks, snake eels, lobsters, hermit crabs, and several other species. Aggressive tube blennies and their more benign relatives, the sailfin blennies, are filmed in their apar ...

  • Improving Profitability

    In this sequence, students are encouraged to determine the best strategy to improve a bicycle shop's profitability.

  • Glass Lenses

    This remarkable material has been made into containers, decorations, and windows. Modern uses of glass include optical fibers, used by doctors and by telephone companies to transmit a huge number of messages simultaneously. It can be manufactured into man ...

  • Song: Plot Poem

    Three billy goats want to get to the other side of the highway to eat the lovely grass there. The only obstacle is the troll who lives under the bridge.

  • Foals

    See Alice preparing her mare, Lotte. Horses have helped humans for thousands of years. The young foals are born after spending eleven months inside the mares, and they are soon grazing and nursing beside their mothers. Also learn that horses' small ance ...

  • Flies Feeding

    Flies and cicada are featured in this program. Baby flies struggle to hatch from their cocoons and different flies are shown eating pollen and nectar. One unfortunate fly is caught in a spider's web. Cicada larvae live underground for several years. Once ...

  • The Fall Frost

    Unlike some wasps, paper wasps are social insects that live in a colony. A female wasp, called a foundress, starts her own colony by first building a nest. Using wood as a building material, she builds a nest of several cells. She then lays an egg in each ...

  • Starfishes

    The seashore is one of the richest habitats on earth. The rock pools left behind when the tide ebbs contain an astounding variety of life. The creatures of this unstable coastal fringe are ideally adapted to it. This documentary covers familiar animals su ...

  • Map: Belgium

    Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg were known as the Low Countries, because they were small, flat, surrounded by seas, and relatively weak until they formed the Benelux customs union in 1948. Yet they have contributed much to the historical, politic ...

  • Martin Luther Postage Stamps

    Martin Luther was a priest and a university lecturer. The Church refused debate and ordered him to recant. He set out to reform the Church that he loved. He ended up founding a new one and starting a movement which changed the course of world history.

  • The Trumpeter Swan

    The largest swans in the world, the trumpeters, nearly became extinct last century. Winter in the Rockies is long and harsh, and from the moment the cygnets hatch, they are on a tight schedule to eat and grow enough to survive the conditions. The species? ...

  • Technology on the Farm

    Despite its wonders, Earth's water cycle does not spread water evenly around the planet. The Ogallala Aquifer?s huge underground reservoir gives the relatively dry central Plains states such as Nebraska a large but limited irrigation source. But the aquif ...

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