• Symbols for Poisons

    A pharmacist and a professor of pharmacy tell viewers what they need to know about medicines and drugstores. They explain how a doctor?s prescription informs the pharmacist which medicine to dispense and in what amount. The difference between prescription ...

  • Demonstration of Angle of Attack

    This video explains how to conduct an experiment that demonstrates angle of attack.

  • On-Screen Questions

    Students are challenged to answer questions about saving and interest rates.

  • Ciliates Are Everywhere

    Paramecia are examples of the ciliate phylum, unicellular protists that are found in all environments. Live-action photography captures the various ways these organisms move, reproduce, and feed. Unicellular protists far outnumber multicellular ones and i ...

  • Florida Pollutes Scotland

    Two scientists wade through the Everglades, evading alligators while other investigators explore its topography and history. Human intervention in the last century began with good intentions (hurricane control, swamp drainage) but resulted in increased st ...

  • Processionary Caterpillars

    These two insects have similar life cycles from caterpillar to butterfly. The pine processionary caterpillar feeds on pine needles and builds its nest, and the reason for its unusual name is revealed. Peacock butterflies are shown in their caterpillar for ...

  • Bali: Hindu Paradise

    From the metropolis of Jakarta to the reefs around Sumbawa Island, Indonesia offers a great variety of cultures and ways of life. This huge nation is spread along thousands of islands, and its history has generated many traditions, religions, and national ...

  • Josiah Bartlett, New Hampshire

    Segment discusses the role of the country doctor in US politics as the first delegate to the Continental Congress and the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.

  • Why Do We Keep Sheep?

    Group behavior goes back to the time when sheep were wild, making it easier for a sheep dog to herd them since they tend to stay together. Sheep provide humans with wool, which we see being made into cloth, as well as meat and cheese.

  • Invasion of Normandy

    Peaceful, contemporary scenes of Normandy's idyllic beaches are contrasted with documentary footage of the D-Day landing. Its unparalleled importance in denying Hitler world domination is depicted in this stirring retelling of the event.

  • American Presidency

    As America grew out of the independent thinking of its early colonists and citizens, it required a new kind of leader who respected the human rights specified in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This program shows how America?s early ...

  • Quote: Wealth in America

    Even though the availability of land gave American colonists more self-determination than their European cousins, there were still class divisions. How these differences were overcome as the Revolution approached is explored in this enlightening program.

  • Map: Puerto Vallarta

    From the arid deserts of northern Mexico to the Lacandon rainforests of southern Mexico, this program introduces the richness of Mexico's geography and history. Spanish language and culture dominate Mexico City and elsewhere, but 22 existing indigenous po ...

  • Jordan: Recent History

    Jordan is a monarchy and a key, modern Middle Eastern country, but its history includes many important events that continue to influence its peoples' lives. Parts of the Old Testament are set near the River Jordan and at Mt. Nebo, reputedly Moses' burial ...

  • A Park for Everyone?

    Explores the situation as the kids change their tactics and their sampling survey question and enlist the help of an interested woman. We also learn what the problem is with a slanted sample.

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