• Colonial Politicians

    The importance of family, social class, religion, and self-government in the American colonies created a unique set of values. This informative program uses historical vignettes to depict those values on the eve of the Revolution.

  • Biography: F.D. Roosevelt

    Contrasting Roosevelt?s handicap and his famous speeches against the fear that came with the crises of the Great Depression and World War II, this program shows how this great president's character, and that of his wife, Eleanor, affected his era, and how ...

  • Animation: Plant Parts

    Mr. Rotovator shows children how plants are like them, since they need water and air, and they grow and reproduce, but different in that they make their own food. Animated graphics, live-action film, and students clearly reveal the parts similar in all pl ...

  • Animation: Earth's Interior

    Find out why the solid-seeming earth is actually a changing body, constantly destroying and rebuilding itself. Tectonic plates? movements are clearly demonstrated as the source of these alterations through exciting live-action and computer graphic images. ...

  • The Periodic Table

    This segment uses manufacturing of glass as an example to explain the periodic table and how it is used in science and industry.

  • The Parthenon

    The Greeks technological and artistic achievements soared beyond anything previously seen. Reenactments, diagrams, and live-action footage bring to life the ancient Greeks? most monumental structures, including the Palace of Knossos, the Oracle at Delphi, ...

  • National Parks

    Cleveland was reelected, but economic problems plagued his tenure. McKinley was lucky to become president during an economic upturn, and he and Roosevelt used growing American wealth to project military, even imperialistic, power around the world. Rooseve ...

  • St. Petersburg: Home of Czars

    Nicholas II, the last of a centuries-old Russian dynasty that saw itself as ruling by divine right, had a beautiful family and no sense of his country?s impending disaster. He preferred to stay at home in St. Petersburg, away from his responsibilities. Wo ...

  • What Is It Worth?

    This program shows students how to model, explain, and use a variety of computational techniques to solve real-life problems. Students watching this video will also learn how to select and use computation techniques appropriate to specific problems and d ...

  • Ottawa, Ontario

    Canada has a relatively small population, but it is the world's second largest country in geographical size. Its history made it a bilingual country with a French minority. Viewers will experience the diverse economic, scenic, and cultural features of the ...

  • Beijing Schoolyard

    China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet is also has many ancient traditions. In Beijing, where the blending of ancient and modern originates, China still rules from this political center despite its decentralizing economic changes. Viewers also ...

  • Galactic Clusters

    Experience the cosmic wonder of a universe expanding at phenomenal rates, as discovered by Edwin Hubble in the 1920's. Be dazzled by the Hubble Space Telescope's sighting of an incomprehensible number of clustered galaxies throughout the cosmos. This awe- ...

  • Locusts

    Green bush crickets and locusts are similar in appearance. Each insect is shown in detail so the viewer can note the subtle physical differences in antenna and legs. The cyclical nature of life is evident as each insect gathers food, communicates, and get ...

  • Photo: All Kinds of Seeds

    Experience the world of plants as the essential foundation of life on earth. Their beauty is shown, as are their functions, such as providing food, clothing, and shelter. Stop-motion and time-lapse cinematography clearly and amazingly reveal how seeds are ...

  • The Treaty of Versailles and German Reparation

    The leaders of Britain and France didn't agree with Wilson's plan, and the actual treaty carried such harsh penalties for Germany that it set the stage for another world war to come.

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