• 1808 - Atomic Theory of Matter is Announced

    Atoms and Atomic Theory started with, Robert Boyle and were further developed by John Dalton.

  • 1900 ? The La Flesche Family Starts to Preserve American Indian Cultures and Religions

    Indian leader Joseph La Flesche's children, Susette La Flesche, Susan La Flesche, and Francis La Flesche, led the way to preserve American Indian rights, and American Indian heritage.

  • The Distributive Property

    Segment discusses how distributive property is used to simplify an algebraic expression or remove parenthesis.

  • Rose Chafer Beetle

    Beetles make up one of the largest sub-groups of insects, and there are many examples of different beetles in this program. Some beetles, like carabid and tiger beetles, can walk easily through vegetation, while the rose chafer struggles. Both herbivorous ...

  • Map: Western Canada

    Canada has a relatively small population, but it is the world's second largest country in geographical size. Its history made it a bilingual country with a French minority. Viewers will experience the diverse economic, scenic, and cultural features of the ...

  • 1954-Brown v. Board of Education Ends "Separate but Equal" for Black America

    Brown v. Board of Education, reestablished civil rights lost in Plessey V. Ferguson, which allowed Jim Crow laws, but black lawyer Thurgood Marshal led the fight for desegregation which was upheld by the Earl Warren court.

  • Map: United States (1893)

    Cleveland was reelected, but economic problems plagued his tenure. McKinley was lucky to become president during an economic upturn, and he and Roosevelt used growing American wealth to project military, even imperialistic, power around the world. Rooseve ...

  • Difference between Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning

    Segment explains the difference between therapeutic and reproductive cloning and discusses the pros and cons.

  • Pennsylvania, the State

    Segment explains how the state got its nicknames and William Penn's "Holy Experiment".

  • Important Details

    As part of their research, Bryan and Robin visit Graceland and talk to a tour guide about Elvis's life and try to find out what the important parts of his life are.

  • 1777 - The Winter at Valley Forge

    From the darkest days of Valley Forge in the second year of the Revolutionary War, the American Revolution and its military leaders like George Washington and Baron Frederick Von Steuben, as well as heroines like Mary Ludwig Hayes - Molly Pitcher - never

  • Building the Taj Mahal

    Shah Jahan was a Mughal who married a Persian princess, and their self-indulgent but romantic life together impelled him to build a monument to love when she died. One of the world's most beautiful and iconic buildings, the Taj Mahal's story reveals the g ...

  • Filipinos

    Its history as a Spanish colony and shifting relationships with and influences from America give the Philippines unique characteristics in Southeast Asia. Its Spanish past can be seen in many places, but its 7,000 islands retain many indigenous cultures i ...

  • Map: Salvador, 1st Capital

    This program provides an overview of the geography and history of the country that comprises 50% of the landmass and population of the South American continent. Five distinct regions make up Brazil: the Northern, the Northeastern, the West Central, the So ...

  • History of Slavery in America

    The Underground Railroad was neither literally underground nor a railroad, but a network of people who helped slaves escape from the South to the North. Thousands of slaves made their dangerous journey to freedom with their help. Harriet Tubman was one of ...

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