• Frog

    This segment discusses the anatomical adaptations that allow frogs to live in habitats in or near the water.

  • Einstein at Home

    Since Galileo first turned a telescope to the heavens, astronomers have studied the planets, the stars, and distant galaxies. But there are some mysteries so deep the answers cannot be found with traditional tools; it takes something entirely different, l ...

  • Trees for Paper

    This program first shows how paper is made, usually from the fibers of trees. The point is also made that recycling saves trees. We learn about some of the surprising properties of paper, and then we see children making their own paper creations.

  • Crazy Horse Decides to Fight

    From a young age, Crazy Horse was a famous warrior, but when his and Sitting Bull's bands wiped out Custer and his men at Little Big Horn, his fate was sealed. He was captured and killed by U.S. soldiers, but was secretly buried and is still venerated by ...

  • Indonesian Food

    From the metropolis of Jakarta to the reefs around Sumbawa Island, Indonesia offers a great variety of cultures and ways of life. This huge nation is spread along thousands of islands, and its history has generated many traditions, religions, and national ...

  • All-American Addict

    Teen addicts speak in their own words about how their lives spiraled out of control after using drugs. Viewers will meet Victor, a smart, popular and athletic student until, at age 12, he started smoking cigarettes, and then marijuana. After lying, cheati ...

  • Song, Use It Again

    Song emphasizes reusing items instead of throwing it away and gives statistics pertaining to items thrown away.

  • Map: Puerto Vallarta

    From the arid deserts of northern Mexico to the Lacandon rainforests of southern Mexico, this program introduces the richness of Mexico's geography and history. Spanish language and culture dominate Mexico City and elsewhere, but 22 existing indigenous po ...

  • From Bike to Bucks

    Managers must balance the cost of overtime against the loss of productivity that the business will sustain if it hires an untrained worker.

  • 1869 - Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad

    The Transcontinental Railroad, completed at Promontory Point, opened the era of Railroads and American Industrialization, leading to the creation of great railway magnates such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and James Fiske.

  • Interview: Aftershocks

    Find out why the solid-seeming earth is actually a changing body, constantly destroying and rebuilding itself. Tectonic plates? movements are clearly demonstrated as the source of these alterations through exciting live-action and computer graphic images. ...

  • Translation and Protein Synthesis

    Topics: A Variety of Cells, Cell Organization, Overview of Organic Molecules, Prokaryotic Cells, The Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells.

  • Animation: Which Way?

    Lots of things move because they are pushed, other things move because they are pulled. Cranes can lift and move containers, but friction can resist movement. At school, children push heavy loads, with and without rollers. Lots of other examples of starti ...

  • Book: The Starry Messenger

    This program documents the lives and works of scientists such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Paracelsus, and others who struggled to create a new vision of the world, a vision which is still evolving. The activities of astrologers, artisans, and natural ...

  • Axis Control

    This video clip explains how modern airplanes uses the Wright Brother's system of three axis control.

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