• Testing Gliders

    This video clip describes how Otto Lilienthal tested gliders.

  • Insects Found in Fast Moving Water

    Open Water Environments: Adaptations for planktonic life are observed in Daphnia and other cladocerans, copepods, rotifers, and planktonic algae. Bottom Environment: Explores bacterial decomposition, recycling of materials, adaptations for bottom life, a ...

  • Map: Cuba, Puerto Rico

    Using dramatic simulations and actual footage, more than a century old, this program re-creates the 1898 conflict that made the United States a world power. The Spanish-American War brought the United States an easy victory, several overseas possessions, ...

  • "Hansel and Gretel"

    After helping to write a rough draft that needs a lot of improvement, Bryan reads some other plays and a book about scriptwriting at the library.

  • Portrait: John Tyler

    As the westward movement and Manifest Destiny gained momentum, controversies about slavery, border disputes, and territorial rights were reflected in presidential conflicts. These presidents all had relatively short, unmemorable terms of office, perhaps b ...

  • George Washington Carver

    George Wolfe describes some of George Washington Carver's major accomplishments and shows us some of the many things Carver made out of peanuts.

  • The Atomic Bomb

    Faced with the choice of using the atomic bomb to end the war, or risk the lives of countless Allied troops in a land invasion of Japan. The atomic bomb was dropped, first on Hiroshima and then on Nagasaki, before the Japanese Emperor surrendered.

  • A Japanese Temple

    Ten-year-old Shuntsuke lives in Kyoto. Breakfast starts the day with broth, rice, fish and dried seaweed. Later, he shops in a huge market with his mother for the family sushi dinner of rice, vegetables and fish. Everyone sits on the floor round the table ...

  • Thomas Jefferson - UVA

    A visit to the University of Virginia explains how he founded the school with its traditions and history.

  • Hubble Space Telescope

    Traces the way we have penetrated the vast distances of outer space, starting with the naked eye and progressing from the early telescopes of the 17th century to radio telescopes, the Hubble Space Telescope, satellite imagery and computer modeling and sim ...

  • Persecution of Christians

    As Rome moved from a republic to an empire, power struggles and infighting kept it in an almost perpetual state of chaos. Julius Caesar was able to seize power, but his assassination fueled a fight for succession, which continued even after Emperor August ...

  • Spanish Story: Family Members

    Perro Pepe tells Angel the names of his nine brothers and sisters, and Angel tells Pepe about his own family.

  • Introduction

    This introductory segment shows students several numbers. Students are asked, "What do these numbers mean to you?"

  • Dressing For A Fire

    A firefighter named Kevin explains that he often assists in medical emergencies in addition to putting out fires. At the station, he puts on his fire gear, explaining the purpose of each piece of clothing and the fire station routines that have been devel ...

  • The Sun's Energy

    The Sun affects things in and around the house. Shadows move and flower heads turn to follow the Sun as its energy stimulates plant growth. A graphic helps to explain how the movement of the Earth and Sun define the days and years.

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