• 1814 -Washington DC is captured and burned by the British

    The War of 1812 produced heroes such as Commodore Perry and Dolley Madison, while Fort Miggs was defended by General Harrison and the White House were burned.

  • Bacteria Shapes & Structures

    This program examines the discovery of viruses and their structure, how viruses are studied, how they infect their hosts and how they replicate. Details are provided on the T-4 bacteriophage and retroviruses such as HIV. The bacteria section uses compell ...

  • Temple of Ramses III

    The Egyptians developed a nation along the thin band of the Nile that lasted longer than any other ancient civilization. Karnak and the Great Temple of Abu Simbel are examples of a culture where dying was made into a glorious rite. Computer-animated recon ...

  • Map: Amsterdam

    Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg were known as the Low Countries, because they were small, flat, surrounded by seas, and relatively weak until they formed the Benelux customs union in 1948. Yet they have contributed much to the historical, politic ...

  • 1619-Viriginia Colonists Create the First Legislative Assembly

    Virginia Colonists created the colonies' first Representative Assembly, the House of Burgesses, while in New England, the leaders of Puritanism, like Thomas Hooker, believed the free consent of the governed gave government its authority and Carolina wrot

  • Drama: Brunelleschi's Dome

    Through the trials and triumphs of Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Titian, a great cultural change from craftsman to rebellious artist took place in Renaissance Europe. This program dramatizes the continuing search for creative independ ...

  • 1701- French Return Soldiers to the North American Interior

    From the early French colonies, French trappers made their way through the Straits of Mackinac into the present day U.S.

  • Death of George Washington

    The growth of Washington's character during the Revolutionary War and the Constitutional Convention made him the inevitable unifier of an untested country. Even though turmoil over slavery and the Whiskey Rebellion could have created national chaos, Washi ...

  • Poverty

    This segment looks at the reasons for and impact of poverty on India. Issues of water management and technology are explored in relation to this challenge for Indian society.

  • Winslow Homer

    Homer's paintings are marked by large, powerful brush strokes, making watercolor painting more acceptable to the public and art critics.

  • Song: Before & After

    We see a birthday cake with candles on it. Candles are made by repeatedly dipping wicks into liquid wax. When a candle is lit, the flame melts the wax again. Mixing the cake changes the egg, as does baking. Viewers are asked to spot before and after.

  • The Decline of Rome

    As Rome began its decline, several attempts were made to preserve it. War, persecution, and dividing the empire were all tried, to no avail. The aging empire had grown too large, and in AD 476, the last Roman emperor stepped down.

  • Gases in Light Bulbs

    The program follows the manufacture of light bulbs from raw materials to the finished product. See the glass heated and blown, the filament and base added, and the bulbs packed for distribution. Many everyday products have surprising origins.

  • Sir Isaac Newton

    This program documents the lives and works of scientists such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Paracelsus, and others who struggled to create a new vision of the world, a vision which is still evolving. The activities of astrologers, artisans, and natural ...

  • Spanish Festivals

    A colorful overview of the diversity of Spain's history emerges by visiting its most important regions and cities. Starting with Madrid, as the geographical and cultural center, viewers will experience Avila and other cities in the north, revealing Spain' ...

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