• Map: United States (1817)

    These two Virginians, the last presidential veterans of the Revolution, had worked with Jefferson and both dealt with foreign threats with the War of 1812 and the Monroe Doctrine. Domestic, economic, and slavery questions loomed as the country continued t ...

  • Exploration

    When there's work to be done, tools help us do it in easy ways. The hostess asks children to consider when they use tools. Adults use some of the same tools. We use many different tools everyday.

  • Cartilaginous/Bony Fishes

    Live-action footage introduces several species of bony flatfish, including turbot, brill, sole, and plaice. These side-swimmers are shown camouflaging themselves on the ocean floor. The stingray provides a transition to the symmetrical cartilaginous fishe ...

  • 1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis pitted John Kennedy against Khrushchev and Fidel Castro in America's cold war fight against, communism.

  • Mirror Reflections

    The mirror-making process introduces reflection and silk printers illustrate symmetry. As these two concepts are explained and visually demonstrated, the role of math in these artistic endeavors is highlighted.

  • Creating the Illusion

    Program explains how depth is obtained in a picture with an interview with a professional artist and with many different examples.

  • Haley, Lily, and Trent: The Friends Take Responsibility

    Trent convinces Haley and Lily to help him clean up the park so they can enjoy their hideout.

  • Red Cloud Attacks Forts

    For many years, the Lakota Sioux dominated the high plains country. As they lost much of their lands to white settlement, the Black Hills became their sanctuary. Then gold was discovered there, forcing Lakota and white Americans into warfare. Crazy Horse, ...

  • Cephalochordates

    The Phylum Chordata includes tunicates, sea lancelets, hagfish, and all familiar vertebrate animals. This program explores how these seemingly diverse animals evolved and how the group is unified by four characteristic structures: a hollow dorsal nerve c ...

  • Song, Campfire Song

    Song depicts the fun of a campfire and offers some safety tips.

  • What Is a Habitat?

    In habitats, plants, insects, and animals live in harmony. They are dependent on each other for survival. Each organism plays a different role in the ecosystem. Defines the terms habitat, food chain, and symbiosis.

  • Getting Ready to Head West

    Duncan and George pack their bags and get ready for a two day adventure in the mountains. Duncan wonders what he will do without a computer for two days.

  • A Visit to the Vietnam Memorial

    Segment visits the memorial and explains the design and controversy of the memorial and the addition of the two additional sculptures, The Three Servicemen and The Women's Memorial to the site.

  • Drama: The Iron Age

    Metal has been in use since ancient times. 2500 years ago, bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, and harder than both, was used. Then, steel items - made from iron - began to replace it. The studio presenters introduce us to the properties and uses of these ...

  • Sumatra: Forests/Culture

    From the metropolis of Jakarta to the reefs around Sumbawa Island, Indonesia offers a great variety of cultures and ways of life. This huge nation is spread along thousands of islands, and its history has generated many traditions, religions, and national ...

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