• Two Madonnas

    One of the great figures in human history, Leonardo da Vinci is among that very small group of people whose genius has universal relevance. Leonardo changed the way all who succeeded him viewed the world. This program illuminates all facets of his abiding ...

  • Infrared Astronomical Satellite Project

    Segment describes IRAS project to study the universe.

  • Biography: John Adams

    Washington's two successors were of almost opposite temperaments, yet the office's constitutional authority allowed them to handle the crises of their times and still transfer power peacefully. The rise of political parties, the XYZ Affair, Marbury v. Mad ...

  • Warriors of the First Emperor

    China has the world's fastest growing economy, yet is also has many ancient traditions. In Beijing, where the blending of ancient and modern originates, China still rules from this political center despite its decentralizing economic changes. Viewers also ...

  • Crispus Attucks

    Segment gives background information of what led up to the first battle of the American Revolution and its first victim.

  • How Clouds Form

    Humidity has helped life develop on Earth. The water cycle, the process of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, leads to the formation of clouds and to water falling as rain, snow, fog, mist, drizzle, and other solid or liquid types. Each cloud b ...

  • Battle of Stalingrad

    After countless rulers, seven decades of Communism, and domination of Eastern Europe as the power behind the former USSR, Russia still remains the world's largest country in landmass. Viewers will witness Moscow's importance, as well as other major cities ...

  • Eating

    Crickets are viewed as they find food and defend their territory. The way these insects communicate is also discussed. Mole crickets are then shown in more detail. These insects have adapted to their unique underground environment but are as fiercely ter ...

  • Peak District

    The modern and historic features of its world-class city, London, set the tone for an introduction to the small but important island nation of England. The southwest coastal fishing villages of Cornwall and Devon are contrasted with many regions to the no ...

  • Interview: Honor Student

    This program gently invites parents and teachers to turn away from a vision of a deaf child as someone with a hearing loss to be remediated, and to see instead the unique individual before them. In addition, they will be given very specific and practical ...

  • Communism in the Ukraine

    Despite being Europe?s second vastest country, Ukraine has often been threatened by its larger Russian neighbor, as well as by other invaders. Its greatest city, Kiev, has its own historical treasures and renown, as have other cultural and geographic site ...

  • Grandfather Gruff's Dare

    Three billy goats want to get to the other side of the highway to eat the lovely grass there. The only obstacle is the troll who lives under the bridge.

  • Oceans in Trouble

    Segment presents and discusses two threats to our oceans - pollution and over-fishing.

  • 1948 - Tennessee Williams Wins His First Pulitzer Prize for A Street Car Named Desire

    After Tennessee Williams, wrote "A Street Car Named Desire", he became the greatest American playwright, and the followed it up with "The Glass Menagerie" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

  • Productive Resources

    In this section you will learn that productive resources (human, natural and capital) are resources used to produce goods and services. These are also called ?factors of production.?

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BioMedia Associates is a group of biologists, teachers, educational designers and film-makers who collaborate to make learning programs for biology. Topics cover the biology curriculum with particular emphasis on cell biology, evolution, micro-organisms, the early history of life, and the major groups of living things.


ITS has been serving the educational media market since 1979. Exceptional educational programming of approximately 1000 titles, acquired or produced by ITS include series and single programs at the K-12, in- service and college credit levels. Programming ranges from individual supplemental programs to mini-series to complete courses as well as single concept segments designed for streaming.

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