• Ancient Hedgerow

    A group of children are camping, unaware that the hedge alongside them is teaming up with life. Hedges contain many interlinked food chains, from green plants to insects, birds to small mammals.

  • Delftware

    Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg were known as the Low Countries, because they were small, flat, surrounded by seas, and relatively weak until they formed the Benelux customs union in 1948. Yet they have contributed much to the historical, politic ...

  • What Is Weather?

    Weather is air that moves as wind. The sun makes winds by heating the ground, which heats the air. As currents of warm air rise through the sky, cold currents take their place. When warm and cold currents meet, they may cause storms. Weather usually m ...

  • A Few Weeks Old

    Kangaroos and Tasmanian devils are both marsupials and the babies live in the mothers' pouches a long time. The devil is a voracious omnivore, eating everything in sight, while baby kangaroos nurse mother's milk and learn hopping skills slowly and awkward ...

  • The Drinking Fountain

    A teacher tells his class that their classroom will be used next year by kindergarten students - but the drinking fountain is too tall for them. He asks his class to design steps that will allow kindergarten children to use the drinking fountain.

  • Bridging Social Capital

    Will the surge of volunteerism that occurred after September 11, 2001 be followed by the usual decline in civic-mindedness? This program examines the political and social causes of citizen disengagement in the decades since the 60's, but also the reinvent ...

  • Loneliness Song

    I've got a bad case of the "loneliness blues."

  • Inca City: Machu Picchu

    This program features two of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Incas, who built Machu Picchu high in the Andes Mountains, were amazing engineers. Miles of stone roads, used for trade and communication, connected their huge empire along the west coas ...

  • Education & Work

    The relationships of children and parents and of husbands and wives in colonial America are depicted in this engaging program, which clearly shows the role each person played. The close bonds between family members made colonists' hard lives endurable.

  • 1961 - Joseph Heller Writes Catch-22

    Joseph Heller wrote "Catch 22", while fellow American Novelist, Philip Roth, wrote "Portnoy's Complaint."

  • Symbols for Access

    When children who are deaf or hard of hearing feel isolated at home, the results are often predictable: loneliness, resentment, delayed language, a poor self-concept. Yet, with proper intervention, feelings of isolation need not occur. This program take ...

  • Practice Spanish: Words for Colors in Nature

    Perro Pepe reviews the Spanish words for several colors found in his painting of a zebra and fruit trees.

  • Diagram: Parts of the Fire Bug

    This program reveals some interesting facts about these common insects. Many kinds of ladybird beetles (ladybugs) and fire bugs are shown for the ways they differ in size, shape, and color. Leaf-hoppers live as larvae in "coo-coo spit," which is often fou ...

  • How Neon Lights Are Made

    Segment traces the evolution of the neon light from its invention in 1910 and illustrates how they are made and their composition.

  • Social Behavior in Sheep

    Group behavior goes back to the time when sheep were wild, making it easier for a sheep dog to herd them since they tend to stay together. Sheep provide humans with wool, which we see being made into cloth, as well as meat and cheese.

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