• Himalayan Mountains

    India is one of the most diverse nations on earth, in terms of language, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and landscapes. It seems to represent so much of what Asia means to the rest of the world. It birthed Hinduism and Buddhism and there are remnants of I ...

  • Witch's Garden

    When Rapunzel was born, a witch took her away from her parents, a terrible event that was in the newspapers and on TV. The witch put Rapunzel in a high tower, where she?s lived for years. It is very boring. A prince jogging by happens to hear her singing ...

  • Other Indigenous Tribes

    Its history as a Spanish colony and shifting relationships with and influences from America give the Philippines unique characteristics in Southeast Asia. Its Spanish past can be seen in many places, but its 7,000 islands retain many indigenous cultures i ...

  • Prewriting and Interviewing

    Miss Ferris has the students get into groups to interview and write a story about someone who interests them. After speaking to Mr. Johnson, Cassie and her friends discover the importance of learning about history. They all agree that Mr. Johnson would be ...

  • Ethnic Diversity in Canada

    This segment looks at the sources of ethnic diversity in Canada, the impact of ethnic diversity on Canadian culture, and the role of language on culture and daily life.

  • A Nature Center

    Segment visits a nature center as an example of an outdoor museum and shows how to study and observe living things.

  • English Story: Perro Pepe's Audition

    The producer of the cooking show isn't impressed with a talking dog, and he doesn't speak Spanish. Perro Pepe's audition is a disaster.

  • Letter: Franklin to Son

    Ben Franklin's ideas and actions seem to be the essence of the American character. Using many of the sites and artifacts associated with him in his adopted city of Philadelphia, this summary of his seemingly infinite pursuits will help young viewers under ...

  • Babies' First Outing

    These two funny-looking forest mammal babies have different skills to learn. The European elk (called moose in America) must learn to walk with long legs and ungainly feet, while the boar must learn that his long snout will smell and dig the food it needs ...

  • Education for Girls

    The relationships of children and parents and of husbands and wives in colonial America are depicted in this engaging program, which clearly shows the role each person played. The close bonds between family members made colonists' hard lives endurable.

  • Cuban Religion

    Combining an overview of history and geography, viewers will learn how the conquering Spaniards intermarried with the remnants of Cuba's indigenous tribes and with African slaves, producing a diverse and culturally rich people. This program explores how L ...

  • Galaxies Beyond our Galaxy

    Experience the cosmic wonder of a universe expanding at phenomenal rates, as discovered by Edwin Hubble in the 1920's. Be dazzled by the Hubble Space Telescope's sighting of an incomprehensible number of clustered galaxies throughout the cosmos. This awe- ...

  • 1863 - Lincoln Signs Emancipation Proclamation

    After the Union won the battle of Antietam, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves in the South.

  • Squanto's Help

    Using actors in period costumes, this engaging program re-creates the founding of Plymouth Plantation. It also tells the story of the first Thanksgiving from a unique perspective, emphasizing Native Americans' contributions to this national holiday.

  • A Statistical Survey

    Looks at some statistical claims made by the Wang Brush salesman concerning the validity of his product. We also learn a second question to ask when someone is trying to prove something with statistics.

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