• Animation: Earth's Interior

    Find out why the solid-seeming earth is actually a changing body, constantly destroying and rebuilding itself. Tectonic plates? movements are clearly demonstrated as the source of these alterations through exciting live-action and computer graphic images. ...

  • Lautrec's Milieu

    Born an aristocrat, Toulouse-Lautrec celebrated the social swirl of the cabaret, theaters, and race tracks of Paris. Disabled in childhood, he was fascinated with the world of physical action, and his works of art evoke the splendor and miseries of the un ...

  • The Ku Klux Klan

    The Civil War ended slavery and brought new hope to African Americans. The post-war Reconstruction period spawned new constitutional rights and major social change. Major contributions of African Americans and their leaders are covered up to the present, ...

  • Photo: Grain of Pollen

    Experience the world of plants as the essential foundation of life on earth. Their beauty is shown, as are their functions, such as providing food, clothing, and shelter. Stop-motion and time-lapse cinematography clearly and amazingly reveal how seeds are ...

  • Looking at Maps

    Trevor has designed an all-day treasure hunt for the Thrill Seekers. To find the treasure, the Thrill Seekers must use their map-reading skills. Lindsay's and Katie's map takes them to the fountain in the park. Lining up their compass with the compass ...

  • Map: National Treasures

    Zimbabwe is a fascinating but troubled country. At Great Zimbabwe, viewers will witness the architectural remains of its namesake indigenous civilization and some of the modern reenactments of its historical culture. In the capital, Harare, a thriving cit ...

  • Maribou Storks: Hunting Skills

    How much of our behavior is shaped by our genes, and how much is acquired through culture and learning? This program examines the question in relation to the animal kingdom.

  • Underground Railroad Signals

    The Underground Railroad was neither literally underground nor a railroad, but a network of people who helped slaves escape from the South to the North. Thousands of slaves made their dangerous journey to freedom with their help. Harriet Tubman was one of ...

  • Nation Building, Defeat

    Three "doughface" presidents, Northerners with Southern sympathies, preceded the Civil War. They compromised with Southerners, as with the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which satisfied no one. Abolitionist Senator Sumner was nearly killed in the Capitol, the Dred ...

  • Dealing with Pressure

    What are some ways to stop feeling pressured? The children demonstrate, through a series of skits, various strategies to use when a clear "no" message does not end the pressure.

  • Smoking and Fast Food

    Segment points out the relationship of smoking and belly fat (The worst kind) and then describes how fast food is prepared and its negative aspects. Author of CHEW ON THIS is interviewed.

  • Microscopy: Terrapod

    A single droplet can contain a whole nature reserve of minute, weird and beautiful animals. Though a few are visible to the unaided eye, you need special techniques to see, and film, most of them.

  • Cyclops Mission: Pond Bottom Decomposer Bacteria

    Settling their craft into the bottom, the micro-explorers discover that the bottom ooze is populated by bacteria, the microbes that break down and recycle organic materialsÐan unforgettable visual introduction to the concept of organic decomposition.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    What is the price of attaining the "perfect" appearance? Who sets contemporary standards of beauty? This Parents' Choice Award-winning program examines the growing trend of childhood obsession with body image. An estimated 60% of high school girls are dis ...

  • Marmots

    Students will examine the habitat and diet of this member of the rodent family. They will observe its seasonal habits, from raising a family in the summer to hibernating in the winter.

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